NSA Keyword Badge

Schicke Arbeit von Superflux, eine Mischung aus Fashiongedöns, Tech-Schnickschnack und NSA-Protest: Open Informant ist ein Wearable-Gadget zum anheften, das Mails und Messages des Users nach NSA-Keywords durchsucht und per eInk darstellt. Post-Privacy-Totaltransparenz im Sinne von „Ich hab ja nix zu verbergen“-Geblubber. Nice!

The NSA, GCHQ and other government security services secretly collect and scan our personal information and correspondence for trigger words; from the overtly malevolent: ‘anthrax’, ‘assassination’ and ‘bomb’ to the seemingly benign: ‘pork’, ‘dock’ and ‘storm’. […]

In response, our project ‘Open Informant’ attempts to confront the unsettling realties of surveillance in a networked age. Open Informant is a phone app and e-ink badge. The app searches your communications for these NSA trigger words and then sends text fragments containing these words to the badge for public display. Using the body as an instrument for protest, the badge becomes a means of rendering our own voice visible in an otherwise faceless technological panopticon.

Open Informant (via AnimalNY)

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