Automatic Supercuts with Python

Sam Lavigne hat sich eine Algo-Supercut-Machine programmiert, die auch grammatikalische Struktur im Dialog erkennt. Awesome!

The script searches through a video’s associated subtitle file (which needs to be in the same folder as the video, in standard .srt format), identifies timestamps for the dialog, and then uses the wonderful moviepy library to generate the new final cut. […]

The script also works with multiple video files in the same directory. As an experiment, I mass downloaded press briefings from the Whitehouse youtube channel, then ran a word-level n-gram analysis on the subtitle tracks to find some commonly used phrases. I discovered that the phrase “what I can tell you” is occurs pretty frequently. […]

You can also use videogrep to find instances of people employing specific grammatical structures (I do this with the pattern library).

Videogrep: Automatic Supercuts with Python (via Waxy)