VHS-Hellraiser on a Bus Stop

Auf einer Haltestelle in England lag zwei Jahre lang eine VHS-Kopie von Hellraiser rum. Dann war sie auf einmal weg, dann war sie plötzlich wieder da. This is how it starts…

An Elephant & Castle bus stop may be a portal to hell, according to a peculiar story we picked up from Peckham Peculiar. For the last few years, a VHS copy of 1987 horror film ‘Hellraiser’ – the moving tale of a chap with a pincushion for a noggin – has sat atop the bus shelter by Lidl on Old Kent Road. You’re thinking, ‘That’s just littering.’ So were we. Until a second copy appeared. And then they both vanished. And then they came back.

A VHS copy of ‘Hellraiser’ keeps appearing on top of this bus stop, and nobody knows why (via Dangerous Minds)