Kids break into Radiostation, broadcast „punk“ and „avantgarde“ Show

Ein paar Kinder im Alter zwischen 8 und 14 sind in Australien in eine Radiostation eingebrochen, haben die Anlage hochgefahren und eine Show irgendwo zwischen „punk“ und „avantgarde“ übertragen, laut Radiostationsvorsteherin Angie Stahl. Zugegeben, die Show bestand wohl vor allem aus dreckigen Witzen und Flatulenz-Vokabular, aber dennoch: Talk Hard! Und: The Kids are alright.

"They were able to turn on all the microphones, turn on the panel and switch everything on in the right way, and decided to do a bit of a show themselves," she said. "But unfortunately their show mainly involved swearing, which was a bit punk, a bit avant-garde, but also breaches the broadcasting laws, and our codes of practice. "So the cops got a call from an outlaying station ringing up to say, 'I think you've got some kids on the radio, they're busy swearing, you'd better go bust them'." […]

"Criminal charges might have had serious consequences for a couple of the kids, so we decided we could work it out amongst ourselves, and that worked out a lot better." Ms Stahl said the children may have a future in broadcasting.

Children broke into radio station, put on sweary show, ate chicken nuggets and dyed their hair