Heavy Metal Cookbook from Japan

Ich weiß jetzt nicht, ob's ein Heavy Metal-Kochbuch aus Japan wirklich bringt, wenn man die Schrift nicht lesen kann, aber sei's drum: Ein Heavy Metal-Kochbuch aus Japan.

The brainchild of Tokyo-based foodie and blogger Yasunario, Metal-Meshi takes its name from “meshi”, a slightly slangy, rough-sounding Japanese word for hearty food.The book offers up over 60 mammoth-sized dishes that put some of Japan’s other Americana offerings to shame! So what kind of gastronomical excitement has Yasunario come up with?

First up is a trip to Metallica town, where you too can become Master of Nuggets: a mega metal meal of one epic oversized chicken nugget, and cross-cut fries as you’ve never seen them before.

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Amazon.co.jp: メタルめし! 飢えたメタラーたちに捧ぐ、究極のガッツリヘヴィメタルレシピ

Blog des Autors: Yasunarios Wine Gohan