ARST ARSW: Star Wars sorted alphabetically

Star Wars, alphabetisch sortiert und neu zusammengeschnitten. Holy Crap!

All of the English dialogue in "Star Wars", split into words, and sorted alphabetically.

Fun facts:

  • The word "lightsaber" only appears once in this film.
  • There are 43m5s of spoken English, 81m39s of other.
  • The most common word is "the", of course, said 368 times.
  • The word with most screen time is "you", at 52.56 seconds.
  • There are 1695 different words, and 11684 total words.
  • The longest words are "responsibility," "malfunctioning", "worshipfulness", and "identification", all 14 letters.

I labeled the words manually (!) using some software I wrote specifically for the purpose.

Youtube: ARST ARSW: Star Wars sorted alphabetically (via MeFi)

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