Peng Collective vs Google

Die Google Nest-Aktion des Peng Collectives auf der Republica hat ein Nachspiel. Kurz danach erhielten die Pengs eine nette Mail von Google voller Markenrechts-Bullshit:

Nun haben die Pengs die Copyright-Spezis der Electronic Frontier Foundation an Bord geholt und die Antworten mit ziemlich einleuchtenden Fair Use-Argumenten. Wenn das Peng Collective so weitermacht, haben wir hier endlich die längst überfälligen deutschen Yes Men. Danke dafür!

Note to Google: polite trademark bullying is still bullying.

EFF responded to Google on Peng's behalf, explaining what should be obvious: the site was pure noncommercial political commentary. Trademark owners should not and cannot punish activists simply because they happen to use trademarks in the course of that kind of commentary.

As it happens, having made its initial point, Peng! has in fact chosen to revise the site to document Google's unfortunate response. But Peng! has refused to transfer the domain name. So the ball is back in Google's court and the company must choose whether or not to do the right thing.

Dear Google: Parody Is Not Trademark Infringement

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