Dude likes Johnny Cash because Brain-Zapping

Ein an Zwangsstörungen leidender Mann unterzog sich einer Deep Brain Stimulation-Operation, in der ihm ein „Brain Pacer“ eingepflanzt wurde, der regelmäßig sein Hirn mit elektrischen Impulsen massierte. Then this happened:

a half year after [Deep Brain Stimulation] surgery („the implantation of a medical device called a brain pacemaker“), Mr. B. stated that he was turning into a Johnny Cash fan. He had been listening to the radio, when he coincidentally heard “Ring of Fire” of the Country and Western singer and experienced that he was deeply affected by the song. Mr. B. started to listen to more songs of Johnny Cash and noticed that he was deeply moved by the raw and low-pitched voice of the singer. His appreciation for the Man in Black soon progressed from liking into devotion. Mr. B kept Cash on his mind both day and night.

Mr. B. reported that he felt good following treatment with DBS and that the songs of Johnny Cash made him feel even better. From this moment on, Mr. B. kept listening simply and solely to Johnny Cash and bought all his CD’s and DVD’s… From the first time Mr. B. heard a Johnny Cash song, [all other music] has been banned.

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