Sneaker Slaves are a thing

Wieder was gelernt: Offensichtlich gibt es ein Mashup aus Sneaker-Freaks und BDSM-Spielereien: Sneaker Slaves. Ich halte ja prinzipiell alle Leute, die jemals den Satz „Ich hab ja X Sneaker und es werden immer mehr“ so oder so ähnlich gesagt und auch gemeint haben, für Sneaker Slaves – aber offensichtlich ist meine Definition seit kurzem hinfällig.

We were introduced to the term sneakerslaves via a friend. After a little bit of XX-browsing we found the Tumblrs Sneaker Fetish [offline], Sk8terboy [NSFW] and a Dutch sneaker fetish wikipedia page. The page informs us that most trainer fetishists, gay men and straight men, are based in France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Common forms of sneaker fetishism are worshipping, licking and sniffing sneakers. Shoeslaves also swap each other's sneakers, or eat food out of their kicks.

These fetishists provide images that make our hearts beat faster. For once the bad boys - always dressed to kill - aren't depicted in the expected realm of a street fight, a shady strip club, or in a sweaty six-pack workout scenario. In these counter-glamour images of tough boys showing their soft side, while sensually sniffing their pricey sneakers with attention and adoration.

Dazed: Sneakerslaves (via AnimalNY)

Dazed: Lick my Nikes, slave!