Genderswitching Wowcraft-Gamers like Butts

Männer tendieren nicht nur dreimal so häufig zum gender-switchen in World of Warcraft, sie tun das auch aus ganz offensichtlichen Gründen: Um sich selbst auf den Hintern zu starren.

In fact, [gender-switching men in Games are all] about the butts. Because players see their avatars from a third-person perspective from behind, men are confronted with whether they want to stare at a guy’s butt or a girl’s butt for 20 hours a week. Or as the study authors put it in more academic prose, gender-switching men 'prefer the esthetics of watching a female avatar form.' […]

The butt theory could also explain another consistently puzzling statistic: Why do men gender-bend so much more often than women? Given that most AAA video games and thus most of these female avatars are designed by men for a primarily male audience, gender-switching based on esthetics makes sense for male gamers. But because male avatars aren’t created by female designers for a female audience, women may not have the same incentive to gender-switch. (And no, the equivalent is not an obscenely muscular male avatar in a tank top holding a machine gun.)

The Surprisingly Unsurprising Reason Why Men Choose Female Avatars in World of Warcraft