Fund this: American Genre Film Archive, Openworm, Rolling Papers, ISEE-3 Reboot Project

In den letzten Tagen sind einige ziemlich interessante Crowdfunding-Projekte in meinem Feedreader aufgepoppt, allesamt super:

 Vimeo Direktgenre, via Das Filter

1.) Das American Genre Film Archive in Austin braucht Geld, um seine Sammlung von über 3000 alten B-Filmen zu restaurieren und digitalisieren:

The American Genre Film Archive specializes in horror, sleaze, action, and independent regional filmmaking, as well as international genre cinema with an emphasis on films from Hong Kong. Housing over 3,000 film prints, this non-profit archive counts among its board members and advisors Alamo Drafthouse founders Tim and Karrie League, filmmakers Nicolas Winding Refn and Paul Thomas Anderson, and Austin area film programmers and movie fans.

Access is a crucial part of preservation. These films are not meant to sit in a vault. They are meant to be played for audiences. […] For some titles, AGFA's print is the only one that exists. These fragile and endangered titles can't be safely loaned out due to risk of damage or of being lost. […The mission is to complete 2K transfers of these endangered titles, and then create digital duplicates. In the future, AGFA will be able to carefully restore and strike new prints of films that are in danger of being lost.


2.) Mitch Dickman will eine Doku über die Marijuana-Legalisierung in Colorado drehen. Rolling Papers will die Geschichte der Legalisierung anhand des Pot-Kritikers bei der Denver Post erzählen, über den ich zum ersten mal vor vier Jahren gebloggt hatte. (via The Cannabist)

Colorado is the ground zero of ganja. The politics, the culture, the media, the medicinal, the recreational, the educational, the economical -- all facets of our community are seeing the effects -- both positive and negative -- following legalization on January 1st, 2014. So, we're shooting a feature length documentary film about the normalization of the marijuana industry in our home state.

The film will focus on the multiple impacts of legalization as the first step of a cultural shift across the country and possibly the world. The pendulum could swing on either side of the issue and we are capturing this great social experience as it unfolds. Don’t worry, we won’t give away the ending...the outcome of this controversial topic will unfold for many years to come.


3.) OpenWorm wollen die erste digitale Lebensform erschaffen: Ein Wurm im Browser. (via Boing Boing)

OpenWorm is an open science project aimed at building a digital organism, a microscopic worm called C. elegans. With this KickStarter we want you to join us in contributing to the creation of the first digital organism and we want to give you your own "WormSim" to play with on your web browser. Your WormSim will improve over time and will get smarter as our model gets better and closer to the real one.

We are also creating the OpenWorm Academy to teach you all about how this tiny worm works and what goes in to creating a digital organism in an easy to understand online course.


4.) Die Damen und Herren vom Lunar Orbiter Recovery Project wollen die 35 Jahre alte ISEE-3 Weltraum-Sonde reaktivieren und damit Kometen jagen:

Our plan is simple: we intend to contact the ISEE-3 (International Sun-Earth Explorer) spacecraft, command it to fire its engine and enter an orbit near Earth, and then resume its original mission - a mission it began in 1978. ISEE-3 was rechristened as the International Comet Explorer (ICE). If we are successful it may also still be able to chase yet another comet.

Working in collaboration with NASA we have assembled a team of engineers, programmers, and scientists - and have a large radio telescope fully capable of contacting ISEE-3. If we are successful we intend to facilitate the sharing and interpretation of all of the new data ISEE-3 sends back via crowd sourcing.