Takashi Murakamis Jellyfish Eyes – Trailer

 Youtube Direktjelly, via Kidrobot

Hier der Trailer zu Takashi Murakamis Jellyfish Eyes, dem ersten Film des japanischen Toy-Künstlers (ihr habt wahrscheinlich schonmal Bilder seiner Ausstellung in Versailles gesehen, hier noch mehr Arbeiten auf Designboom.) Der Trailer erinnert ein bisschen an Stephen Chows CJ7, gemasht mit Post-Fukushima-Kaiju und Pokémon. Könnte toll werden!

Jellyfish Eyes tells the story of Masashi, a young boy who moves to a sleepy town in the Japanese countryside with his mother in the wake of a natural disaster. After returning home from his new elementary school one day, Masashi discovers a flying jellyfish-like creature whom he befriends and names Kurage-bo. Masashi soon discovers that all his classmates have similarly magical pets, known as F.R.I.E.N.D.s, which are controlled by electronic devices that the children use to battle one another. Despite their playful appearances, however, these F.R.I.E.N.D.s turn out to be part of a sinister plot that will threaten the entire town.