Nano-Carved Twin Panda Kids-Mag-Cover

Wissenschaftler von IBM Zürich haben das kleinste Cover der Welt mit einem Nano-Meißel aus einem Stückchen Plastik gekratzt. Nano-Pandas!

A laboratory in Switzerland has created the smallest magazine cover in the world, using a tiny chisel to create an image so minute that 2,000 of them could fit on a grain of salt. Scientists carved the 11x14-micrometre image of two pandas that appeared on last month's cover of the National Geographic Kids magazine onto a polymer using technology similar to 3D printing.

"My idea was to do something similar to chiselling a rock, but just to do it on a nano-scale," said Urs Duerig, a scientist at IBM in Switzerland and one of the inventors of the machine.

The device, roughly the size of a family refrigerator, used a tiny chisel with a heatable silicon tip 100,000 times smaller than a sharpened pencil point to cut out the image. The technology could be used to make transistors, as well as nano-sized security tags to prevent the forgery of money, passports and artwork, scientists involved said.

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