Emotional Cyborgs with Virtual Eyeball Glasses

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Dr. Hirotaka Osawa der Tsukuba University in Japan hat 'ne Brille mit virtuellen Augen entwickelt, die per Sensoren „Kontakt“ mit der Außenwelt aufnehmen. Soll einem „emotionale Arbeit“ abnehmen. Die Idee ist natürlich ziemlich bullshitty, aber auch wunderbar absurd.

Dr. Hirotaka Osawa from Tsukuba University, in Japan, has developed a new wearable device to help us with something called "emotional labor." His idea is that people could adopt cyborg technology to increase the emotional comfort of those around us. In this case, the device is a crazy pair of glasses that display eyeballs on their lenses.

The device's virtual eyes naturally follow people and movement, making it appear as though you're friendly and approachable, even if you're too busy doing something else or too tired to actually look friendly and approachable.

The device, which Osawa calls AgencyGlass, has several different functions: when you tilt your head back, the animated eyes look upwards to make it look like you're thinking. If you nod or shake your head, the glasses blink. All of this is performed with a gyroscope and accelerometer to detect head movement, and an external camera to detect faces and motion.

'Wearable Eyes' Make You Appear Friendly, Social Even When You're Not