Living inside a Bear for 14 Days

10.04.2014 Misc #Animals #Art

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Abraham Poincheval lebt seit dem 1. April in einem ausgestopften Bären im Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris. Irgendwas mit Nachempfindung tierischer Empfindungen während des Winterschlafs. Naja. Man kann dem Mann auch dabei zusehen, wenn man das will: Hier der Live-Feed.

just like the mammal during the winter months, poincheval remains within a small enclosure, keeping with him all the basic things he might need to survive throughout the weeks spent inside; food, water, activities and even a place to relieve himself are all contained inside the makeshift unit. by residing within the species, poincheval aims to understand his own physical limits and experience animal nature, a symbolic image of the ‘inside out’ of a bear during hibernation.

abraham poincheval lives inside a bear for two weeks