Dude wears 1000 Band-Shirts on 1000 Days

10.04.2014 Misc #Bands #Shirts

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Isac Walter hat in den letzten 1000 Tagen 1000 verschiedene Band-Shirts getragen und sein Tumblr-Archive mit den 1000 Postings zu der Aktion ist eine reine Goldgrube voller großartiger Shirts. Ich brauch' dieses Butthole Surfers-Tee.

So this is what 1000 days of band shirts looks like. with the exception of a few non band shirts but art related ones in the begining + a bunch of bonus shirts when i changed or wore a long sleeve they are here. it has been fun doing it.

I wanted to show in perspective what a 1000 blog posts look like in reality. so i imagined up this idea to fill a photo studio wall and this is what it looks like.

Minor Thread: „A Band T-Shirt Archivist who crushed a 1000+ Days in a row with out wearing the same band shirt twice.“