We Will Live Again: Mini-Doc about Cryonics

 Vimeo Direktkryo

Tolle und auf so 'ne retrofuturistische Art auch sehr tragische Minidoku von Brooklyn Underground über Kryonik, die Konservierung von gestorbenen Körpern – die haben auch einen Behälter für Hunde und Katzen – in flüssigem Stickstoff.

We Will Live Again looks at the unusual and extraordinary operations of the Cryonics Institute. Follow Ben Best and Andy Zawacki as they maintain the ninety-nine deceased human bodies stored at below-freezing temperatures in cryopreservation. Meanwhile, cryonics movement founder Robert Ettinger, long-retired from overseeing operations at the Institute, still lives nearby, self-publishing books on cryonics, awaiting the end of this life and eagerly anticipating the next.

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