6 Habanero Chili Peppers cause School Evacuation

09.04.2014 Misc #Chili #Food

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Das hier passiert, wenn man einfach so sechs Habanero Chili Peppers in der Gegend rumliegen lässt. Dann verbrennen sich ganze Klassen von der Luft und die Schule muss evakuiert werden.

Police cars and fire trucks surrounded Jefferson County Open School in Colorado Monday, as hazmat crews decontaminated students outside -- spraying them down, fully clothed, in cordoned-off sections under a blue tent.

Students coming in after recess had reported eye and skin irritations. Thirty kids and a teacher's aide were eventually treated for symptoms similar to an allergic reaction, according to CNN affiliate KUSA. A handful were taken to the hospital. The rest were evacuated to a church down the street.

The K-12 Colorado school remained closed on Tuesday as investigators tried to figure out what "toxic irritant" had been released on the playground. They quickly figured out that it wasn't fertilizer or pepper spray, KUSA reports. Six habanero chili peppers caused this hot mess.

Investigators found the spicy fruits scattered in the wood chips near the playground, school district communications director Lyyn Setzler told CNN.

Habanero peppers cause school evacuation (via Death and Taxes)

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