The Wolf of Weed Street

Schöner Artikel der BBC über Trader und Investoren, die gezielt und exklusiv mit Stocks im Cannabis-Markt handeln und die dabei von einer „Dot Bong“-Ära sprechen.

The 35-year-old from Florida invests in US marijuana firms - many of which are booming - and as the pseudonymous leader of #WolfPack, a rapidly growing Twitter community, he shares information about those stocks with his followers. His online persona, the "Wolf of Weed Street", is a parody of Jordan Belfort, the corrupt New York stockbroker played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's recent blockbuster. […]

"It's the single best investment idea of the next decade," says Mr Harrison, who founded investment news website Minyanville after making his name at Morgan Stanley and as the leader of a $400m hedge fund. He likens the growth in weed stocks to the boom in the internet-based companies of the late 1990s - and plenty of investors feel the same way.

"I get inquiries from soccer moms, who feel they missed the boat last time around," says the Wolf, who jokingly refers to the marijuana boom as the "dot bong" era.

The misty world of marijuana stocks