3D-printed Skull Plate inserted in Womans Head with a „Knock“

 Youtube Direktskull

3D-gedruckte Schädelimplantate sind nichts neues mehr, aber in diesem Video passiert etwas tolles: Bei genau Minute 1:17 hört man ein leises „Knock“, wenn die 3D-gedruckte Schädelplatte auf die Ränder des Bio-Restskulls trifft. Knock! Ich sollte den Sound loopen und als Klingelton installieren.

The UMC Utrecht has done several operations replacing sections of skull bone, but never an entire cranium. The operation, carried out by Verweij, together with surgeon Marvick Muradin and a medical team, took around 23 hours. But it was a great success, the hospital said. […]

The hospital waited three months to announce this operation, as they had to make sure everything went well first. "The woman has her eyesight back. She is back to work and it is nearly impossible to see she was ever operated on." Verweij said.

Dutch patient has her skull replaced with 3D printed implant