Bionic Olympics

In der Schweiz halten sie ab 2016 „Bionic Olympics“ ab, olympische Spiele für Cyborgs, quasi. Rennen für gelähmte Menschen per Brain-Interface, Exoskelettons und Prothesen. Ich denke, den Spruch „Welcome to the Future“ sollte ich mir so langsam echt mal abgewöhnen.

The first Cybathlon, an Olympics for bionic athletes, will take place in Switzerland in October 2016. The event will include a race where competitors control an avatar via a brain interface. There will also be races for competitors wearing prosthetic limbs and exo-skeletons. […]

The brain-computer interface race is designed for competitors who are paralysed from the neck down. They will control an avatar in a computer racing game via a headset that connects the brain to a computer. There will also be races for those wearing arm or leg prosthetics, an exoskeleton race and a wheelchair race. The assistive devices worn by the athletes, who will be known as pilots, can either be ones that are already commercially available or prototypes from research labs.

Bionic Olympics to be hosted in 2016