Banking System in a Coffee Chatbot

Vor ein paar Jahren implementierte Roy Rapoport ein Kaffee-Bestellsystem in einem internen Firmen-Chatprogramm. Das hat er dann so weit verfeinert, dass es nicht nur eine Kaffee-Bestellsyntax inklusive Kaffee-Nutzer-Verwaltungsrechte hatte, sondern auch Möglichkeiten, um Kaffee-Bestellungsschulden zu tracken. Und dass haben die Leute dann mit der Zeit dazu genutzt, um generell die Schulden bei ihren Kollegen zu tracken und über den Kaffee-Bot mit Schulden zu handeln. Faszinierendes Lehrstück über Kapitalismus mit 'nem Kaffeebot.

Once the network of debt and credit became saturated enough, it turned out that most people had dozens of people with whom they carried either a Caffeinator debt or a Caffeinator credit, and I came up with a way to allow people to simplify their credit/debt situation by reassigning debt. Imagine Jim owes you $10, and you owe Bob $10. Well, that's easy. Tell Caffeinator "reassign $10 from Jim to Bob" and suddenly Jim owed Bob $10, and you were out of the picture. Heck, two people owe you $5 and you owe four people $2.50 each? You can eliminate six credit/debt relationships at once.

Of course, this being an environment full of mischief, the next thing we had to deal with was people gaming the system just for the sake of annoying others. Bob owes you $1? Well, declare that you owe twenty people $.05 each, then reassign $.05 of Bob's debt to each of these people. Suddenly, these twenty people find Bob owes them $.05 for no particular reason and Bob's really unhappy with you.

Coffee and its Effects on Feature Creep (via Boing Boing)