20 Best TED-Talks from a slightly creepy Parallel-Universe

20.03.2014 Fun Misc #TED

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Vom Macher meines Lieblingstumblrs Liartown USA, Sean Tejaratchi (übrigens der ware Author der Banksy-Quote, die vor zwei Jahren viral ging): „the 20 most informative, provocative, and inspiring TED Talks in the fields of technology, entertainment, and design.“

Darunter Perlen wie The Future of Sex Zoos: Balancing Fetish, Innovation, and Conservation (Bild oben), Shitting Underwater, What Life with a Slightly Larger Head Has Taught Me About Diversity, Emerging Markets in Suburban Bush Meat, This World Exists for My Pleasure: The Power of Quantum Affirmations oder Rabbits: Nature’s Furry Pieces of Shit.

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