HighEnd Realtime-Visualization of Brains

 Youtube Direktbrain, via Mindhacks

Das Neuroscape Lab macht HighEnd-EEGs in Echtzeit inklusive 3D-Visualisierung und Fly Thru und solche Sachen. Mit dem Teil kann man quasi in Echtzeit durch seine eigenen Gedanken fliegen. WANT!

This is an anatomically-realistic 3D brain visualization depicting real-time source-localized activity (power and “effective” connectivity) from EEG (electroencephalographic) signals.

Each color represents source power and connectivity in a different frequency band (theta, alpha, beta, gamma) and the golden lines are white matter anatomical fiber tracts. Estimated information transfer between brain regions is visualized as pulses of light flowing along the fiber tracts connecting the regions.

Glass Brain