Neuroscience of Out-Of-Body-Experience

Eine 24jährige Studentin aus Ottawa hat außerkörperliche Erfahrungen geschildert, die sie selbst steuern und auslösen konnte. Dann haben Wissenschaftler ihr Gehirn gescannt und festgestellt, dass während Out-Of-Body-Experiences eine Kombination aus der Deaktivierung der Sehrinde (Teil der Großhirnrinde und des visuellen Sytems) und gleichzeitiger Aktivierung der Teile des Gehirns darstellt, die für die mentale Bewegungswahrnehmung verantwortlich sind. Seelenwanderung und solcherlei Unsinn ist also nichts weiter, als eine Quasi-Synästhesie. There is no soul, Metaphysics are bullshit. Get over it.

The 24-year-old "continued to perform this experience as she grew up assuming, as mentioned, that 'everyone could do it.'" This is how she described her out-of-body experiences: "She was able to see herself rotating in the air above her body, lying flat, and rolling along with the horizontal plane. She reported sometimes watching herself move from above but remained aware of her unmoving “real” body. The participant reported no particular emotions linked to the experience." […]

To better understand what was going on, the researchers conducted a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study of her brain. They found that it surprisingly involved a "strong deactivation of the visual cortex." Instead, the experience "activated the left side of several areas associated with kinesthetic imagery," such as mental representations of bodily movement.

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