Super Mario 500 Points-Run: Lowest Score possible

 Youtube Direktmario, via Kotaku

YT-User NotEntirelySure hat den niedrigsten Score in Super Mario erzielt: 500 Punkte. Der Score wurde 2010 schonmal erreicht, der war damals aber Tool-assisted, der hier nicht: „No save states or slowdown was used. I did however fast-forward at flagpoles for obvious reasons. (also, I didn't look at the RAM during the run to make sure the sub-pixel was within the right range).“

This is THE lowest possible score you can finish the game with (without continuing). And surprisingly, it didn't take very long at all. Sadly, it's not deathless, as I miss my first attempt at the 8-1 wall jump. Getting 500 points without dying would have been nice, but that jump is so brutally precise I'd rather not restart every time I missed it (though I would have to restart anyway if I accidentally picked up a coin).