Well Sorted Bible

Peter Harkins hat die Buchstaben der Bibel in alphabetischer Reihenfolge sortiert und noch ein paar weitere Algorithmen über das Ergebnis laufen lassen, damit das Ergebnis die Textstruktur des berühmtesten Fantasy-Romans der Welt reflektiert. Ich meine, ich hätte Taube Auberbachs 2006er Bibel-Experiment hier schonmal verlinkt, finde das Posting allerdings nicht.

I wrote a program to read through the Bible and extract each letter in turn, preserving the order of lowercase and capital letters. The program then poured those sorted letters back into all the structure of books, chapters, verses, paragraphs, and words. […] For example, the KJV opens with the title, "The First book of Moses, called Genesis" and this book opens with "aaa aaaAa aAaa aA...." The length of each word matches up to the original, and the A's in the KJV appear in this order of upper and lower case.

Though it seems like gibberish at a glance, the book rewards careful examination. Capitals are not distributed but come and go in waves, giving clues to the content. Unsurprisingly, there are far more capital Js than lowercase. The capital K's appear in clumps as a name or the title 'King' is used. And there are exactly 7 uppercase Qs.

Well Sorted Version (via JWZ)