Scientifically Accurate Exoplanet Exploration Game

Extrasolar greift den Rover-Hype auf und gibt uns die Möglichkeit auf dem fremden Planeten Epsilon Prime einen Rover zu steuern und nach Leben zu suchen. Dort kann man nach Leben suchen und es gibt diverse Mysterien zu lösen. (via TheVerge)

extrasolar"We hate seeing bad science in movies and games," says lead artist Brendan Mauro. Last year Maruo helped organize a game jam with NASA in another attempt to merge the worlds of gaming and science. "A lot of the team is pretty passionate about science, so we wanted to keep as much in the realm of scientific plausibility as possible." They even hired a botanist, Jane Van Susteren, to write the majority of the biological content, like descriptions of plant and animal life. In fact, she was such a big part of the creation of Extrasolar, she was eventually turned into a character — as you play you'll receive plenty of emails from Van Susteren attempting to analyze your discoveries.