First Shit-Transplant Bank

Stuhltransplantation ist nichts wirklich neues, sie war (zumindest in den USA) aber wegen fehlender Scheiß-Regelungen bislang nicht zugelassen. Jetzt hat man Crap kurzerhand zum Medikament erklärt und in Massachusetts eröffnete die erste Kack-Bank für Scheißtransplate.

Until OpenBiome came around, there was no way to legally get stool transplants, and some even resorted to using homemade preparations from other people's feces, which, just in case I need to make clear, is a bad idea. Now the FDA allows OpenBiome to deliver transplants to treat C. diff, and it considers the fecal material to be a drug. Some have argued, quite sensibly, that it doesn't make sense to treat poop as a drug, since--let's just be honest--it's not. Instead, scientists argue in the journal Nature, given the special nature of poop (haha) and the potential for the procedure to transfer healthy bacteria from one person to another, fecal transplants deserve their own set of rules that make them easier to study and use in medicine.

First Fecal Transplant Bank Opens (via AnimalNY)