Edward Snowden Action-Figure

Gibt's hier für läppische 99$, wobei ein Teil davon an die Freedom Of The Press-Foundation geht. Für 60$ kann man auch nur Snowdens Kopf kaufen, ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass das genau das richtige ist für den ein oder anderen Geheimdienstler oder Politiker aus dem konservativen Lager. „Bring me the Head of Edward Snowden, it's just 60 Bucks at the Mo!“

Introducing the Edward Snowden action figure. Edward Snowden's lifelike head mounted on a 12-inch fully-articulated action figure body with detailed pre-fitted clothes. Each figure is made to order and part of the proceeds will be donated to the Freedom of the Press Foundation which Edward is on the board of.

This package includes Edward Snowden's custom action figure head mounted on a 12-inch action figure body with a several choices of outfit styles. By selecting Head only in the Outfit selection box above, you can also buy Edward Snowden's head for $60 only and fit it onto your own 12-inch figurines.

Edward Snowden action figure (via Boing Boing)