Brain Keene's Complete Zombie Comic Series on Kickstarter

Hier mal was zu Abwechslung, wer vom König unter den Zombie-Comics die Schnauze voll hat: Brian Keene, der auf Twitter genüsslich The Walking Dead Woche für Woche auseinander nimmt, hat seine Reihe The Zombie selbst fertigegestellt und verkauft den gesamten Band als "Zombibus" auf Kickstarter. Für gerade einmal ein paar Euro schicken die einem das PDF und die 600-seitige Printversion über den Teich. Guter Deal für einen super Comic.

thezombieProminent among our recent titles is Brian Keene's comic book series THE LAST ZOMBIE. Brian Keene is a two-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award and a Shocker Award-winner whose novels include THE RISING, JOBS IN HELL, GHOUL and CLICKERS. He has also worked on a multitude of comic series for Marvel and DC, including Dead of Night: Devil-Slayer for Marvel. Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure of working with Brian on the LAST ZOMBIE series.

The series itself follows the frantic journey of Doctor Ian Scott, a man seeking his one ray of hope in a post-apocalyptic-nightmare United States. The zombies have come and mostly gone, but the disease is still out there threatening the survivors. The country swarms with roving packs of wild animals and worse, the most desperate of humans, who are ready to do whatever it takes to survive. Through it all, Doctor Scott and a small team of soldiers and scientists must drive from Colorado to West Virginia to reunite him with the woman he loves...before its too late for either of them.

Kickstarter: Brian Keene's The Last Zombie: Omnibus Trade Paperback.