Links: Coyote vs ACME, Mining Memes on Instagram, Russell Brand and a New Class of solid Shapes

16.02.2014 Misc #Linkdump

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Hier die Links, die in den letzten Wochen liegengeblieben sind. Ist noch mal mehr als sonst, weil ich den Kram in den 3 Wochen ohne Netz nicht wegarbeiten konnte, wie auch immer: Nach dem Klick unter anderem Käse aus dem Kongo, Coyote zeigt den ACME-Katalog an, Mathematiker, die anscheinend eine neue Klasse geometrischer Körper gefunden haben, die Wissenschaft von spielenden Tieren, Nightmares on Wax live und jede Menge mehr:


New Work: "Coyote v. Acme" | New at Pentagram: In his never-ending quest to capture the Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote has been a faithful customer of the Acme Company, whose products – Spherical Bombs, Rocket Skates, Spring-Powered Shoes – invariably fail him at the worst possible time. Pentagram"s Daniel Weil has reimagined designs for five of these gadgets, rendered as a series of highly detailed technical diagrams. The drawings were inspired by Ian Frazier"s classic humor essay Coyote v. Acme and accompany a republishing of the article for Pentagram"s annual holiday card. Originally published in The New Yorker, Coyote v. Acme presents the opening statements of an imaginary lawsuit by Coyote against Acme for his personal injuries caused by the faulty devices, citing 85 occasions in which they "did cause him bodily injury due to defects in manufacture or improper cautionary labeling."

Thomas Dworzak: Mining for Memes on Instagram | PROOF: Once Dworzak got hooked on mining Instagram memes, he started checking to see how news events were being portrayed. He says that if he"d been in the U.S. following the Boston marathon bombing, he would have covered it as a photojournalist on the ground. Instead, he went to Instagram and followed various hashtag threads, finding surprisingly intimate images. Dworzak presumes that people living in Watertown, Mass., are highly visual people, which is why those particular Instagram posts were so compelling: "All these people were into photography – into Instagram," says Dworzak. "Suddenly the Instagrammers get raided by SWAT teams and are [taking] better pictures."

Das Berliner Buchstabenmuseum: The Berlin Museum of Letters is a non-profit organization devoted to documenting and preserving letterforms. Founded in 2005 and first opened to the public in 2008, the museum saves signage in part or in total from public spaces, letters of all sizes which have fallen prey to decay and urban renewal and would otherwise have only the junk yard as their final resting place.

Main video: Adobe Logo Remix by The Made Shop on Vimeo

The Insect Alphabet - 50 Watts: Illustrations by Fortuné Mé;aulle for Alphabet des Insectes by Leon Becker (France, 1883)

The Lost Ancestors of ASCII Art - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic: In September of 1893, a magazine called Illustrated Phonographic World, which was "Devoted to the Interests of Shorthand and Typewriting," struck back at two other publications for hating on typewriter art. The Reporter's Journal agreed with the Phonetic Journal about "the foolishness of attempting to make sketches by means of typewriters." Furthermore, the London publication continued, "Some of our American contemporaries indulge largely in facsimiles of this class of work, and this has tended to foster the absurd custom."

Ryan Andrews :: "The Tunnel"


The cult of Cthulhu: real prayer for a fake tentacle | The Verge: The strange story behind the real-life followers of H.P. Lovecraft's 'Necronomicon'

Such DFW. Very Orwell. So Doge. Wow. | TechCrunch: Once upon a time, high-school teachers and broadsheet newspapers and their ilk defined how English was written, and the few semantic scofflaws were the linguistic equivalent of outlaw renegades. No longer. Now that definition is provided by Reddit. Nowadays we have different online dialects for cats and dogs, and people actually use both. Nowadays even scholarly articles may include a "tl;dr" summary.

The Economist explains: Why did the AK-47 become so popular? | The Economist: The cultural impact of the AK is felt all over the world. Quentin Tarantino"s villains celebrate its appropriateness for "when you've absolutely, positively got to kill every [enemy combatant] in the room". Mexican outlaws boast about their cuernos de chivo, or "goat horns", the nickname given to the rifle because of its curved magazine. In some parts of Africa, where the gun is seen as a symbol of the ousting of colonial rulers, Kalash is a popular name for boys. Mozambique displays the gun on its flag. In Lebanon, a model nicknamed the "Bin Laden" sells for twice the price of the standard AK-47, because it is the type that al-Qaeda"s former boss was seen toting in some of his videos.

Why Audio Never Goes Viral: I"m a public radio reporter and this doesn"t happen in my milieu. There is no Google Sound, no BuzzFeed for audio, no obvious equivalent of Gangnam Style, Grumpy Cat or Doge. If you define "viral" as popularity achieved through social sharing, and audio as sound other than music, even radio stations" most viral content isn"t audio – it"s video. A 17-minute video interview with Miley Cyrus at Hot 97 has nearly 2 million views. An off-the-rails BBC Radio 1 video interview with Mila Kunis: more than 12 million. In June 2013, the list of the 100 most-shared news articles on Facebook included three from NPR, but none included audio. Two of these stories were reblogs of YouTube videos (this one and this one), found on Gawker and Reddit. "Audio never goes viral," writes radio and podcast producer Nate DiMeo.

Literary mood reflects the economic mood of past 10 years, study finds: The frequency of words expressing misery and unhappiness in books reflects the economic conditions in the 10 years prior to the work's composition, according to researchers in Bristol and London.

 Youtube Direktrussel

▶ Russell Brand at the Cambridge Union - YouTube: Russell Brand at the Cambridge Union, in conversation with Leo Kirby, Lent 2014 Speakers' Officer. Maverick actor, comedian, author and burgeoning political activist, Russell Brand is a cultural phenomenon with a phoenix-like ability to rise from the ashes of his own self-destruction. A former heroin addict, Russell has given evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee on drug addiction and is now fronting Comic Relief's Give It Up Campaign. Russell encourages abstaining from voting and holds 'not a flicker of doubt' that a revolution is coming.

▶ I Hate Celebrity Culture | Jack Gleeson | Oxford Union - YouTube: Jack Gleeson talks about his role as Joffery Baratheon in Game of Thrones but goes on to talk about his dislike for the 'celebrity culture' that comes with the fame of acting in such a successful show.

Periodic Table of Storytelling

List of Creepy Wikipedia Articles (Updated Dec 2013) -

The Futurist Cookbook: 11 Rules for a Perfect Meal and an Anti-Pasta Manifesto circa 1932 | Brain Pickings: The Futurist Cookbook was a serious joke, revolutionary in the first instance because it overturned with ribald laughter everything "food" and "cookbooks" held sacred: the family table, great "recipes," established notions of goodness and taste.

Grief Has No Deadline by Jocelyn Y. Stewart Narratively - Narratively: Human stories, boldly told.: To be a reporter in a city like Los Angeles is to understand the redundancy of crime. Bullets strike – and then strike again. A young life ends – and then another. Grieving parents wonder how to survive the aftermath, when birthdays and Christmas mornings arrive and their child is gone. The reporter who covers the crime won"t be present for the aftermath. The reporter will move on to the next story. Such is the reality of big city reporting. For years, that reporter was me.

New York's Best Pinballer Shows Us His Pinball Arcade - ANIMAL: Steve Zahler is New York"s top-ranked pinball player, and was happy to show off his skills when ANIMAL visited this week. At one point, Zahler hit a jackpot on the Terminator 2 machine within minutes of firing it up, cooly explaining the nuts and bolts of how it"s done. The man is a pro.


The Dark Side of the Truffle Trade - Ryan Jacobs - The Atlantic: Nighttime heists, Chinese knockoffs, and poisoned meatball-sabotage: Inside the high-stakes pursuit of the world's most-prized fungus.

BBC News - The rare art of cheese-making in DR Congo


Informing Ourselves To Death: As things stand now, the geniuses of computer technology will give us Star Wars, and tell us that is the answer to nuclear war. They will give us artificial intelligence, and tell us that this is the way to self-knowledge. They will give us instantaneous global communication, and tell us this is the way to mutual understanding. […] But that is only the way of the technician, the fact-mongerer, the information junkie, and the technological idiot. Here is what Henry David Thoreau told us: "All our inventions are but improved means to an unimproved end." […] Even the humblest cartoon character knows this, and I shall close by quoting the wise old possum named Pogo, created by the cartoonist, Walt Kelley. I commend his words to all the technological utopians and messiahs present. "We have met the enemy," Pogo said, "and he is us."

Interactive Simulation: How to Mine Bitcoin - Businessweek

How QuarkXPress became a mere afterthought in publishing | Ars Technica: In the early '90s, Quark boasted 95% market share. In '99, InDesign arrived...

Reddit: how to win the internet | Technology | The Guardian: Reddit is home to everything the web likes best, from kitten gifs to breaking news. What draws its 7m daily users? And what does it take to make it to the site's highly prized front page?


After 400 years, mathematicians find a new class of solid shapes: The work of the Greek polymath Plato has kept millions of people busy for millennia. A few among them have been mathematicians who have obsessed about Platonic solids, a class of geometric forms that are highly regular and are commonly found in nature. Since Plato"s work, two other classes of equilateral convex polyhedra, as the collective of these shapes are called, have been found: Archimedean solids (including truncated icosahedron) and Kepler solids (including rhombic polyhedra). Nearly 400 years after the last class was described, researchers claim that they may have now invented a new, fourth class, which they call Goldberg polyhedra. Also, they believe that their rules show that an infinite number of such classes could exist.

French Revolution Digital Archive: Search: The Images are composed of high-resolution digital images of approximately 12,000 individual visual items, primarily prints, but also illustrations, medals, coins, and other objects, which display aspects of the Revolution. These materials were selected from across the BnF"s departments, and include thousands of images for the important collections entitled Hennin and De Vinck. Detailed metadata exists for the images, so that researchers can search by artist, subject, genre, and place.

Ball Lightning: Chinese scientists have recorded the rare phenomenon in nature for the first time

Blackbeard: The History of the Pirate"s Last Days | History | Smithsonian: Out of all the pirates who"ve trolled the seas over the past 3,000 years, Blackbeard is the most famous. His nearest rivals – Capt. William Kidd and Sir Henry Morgan – weren"t really pirates at all, but privateers, mercenaries given permission by their sovereign to attack enemy shipping in time of war. Blackbeard and his contemporaries in the early 18th-century Caribbean had nobody"s permission to do what they were doing; they were outlaws. But unlike the aristocrats who controlled the British, French and Spanish colonial empires, many ordinary people in Britain and British America saw Blackbeard and his fellow pirates as heroes, Robin Hood figures fighting a rear-guard action against a corrupt, unaccountable and increasingly tyrannical ruling class. So great were these pirates" reputations – daring antiheroes, noble brigands – that they"ve been sustained ever since, inspiring 18th-century plays, 19th-century novels, and 20th- and 21st-century motion pictures, television shows and pop culture…

What"s the Point If We Can"t Have Fun? | David Graeber | The Baffler: My friend June Thunderstorm and I once spent a half an hour sitting in a meadow by a mountain lake, watching an inchworm dangle from the top of a stalk of grass, twist about in every possible direction, and then leap to the next stalk and do the same thing. And so it proceeded, in a vast circle, with what must have been a vast expenditure of energy, for what seemed like absolutely no reason at all. "All animals play," June had once said to me. "Even ants." She"d spent many years working as a professional gardener and had plenty of incidents like this to observe and ponder. "Look," she said, with an air of modest triumph. "See what I mean?"

CRISPR and Other Genome Editing Tools Boost Medical Research and Gene Therapy"s Reach | MIT Technology Review: Precise and easy ways to rewrite human genes could finally provide the tools that researchers need to understand and cure some of our most deadly genetic diseases.

Urban bees using plastic to build hives: A new study by a University of Guelph graduate and a U of G scientist reveals that some bees use bits of plastic bags and plastic building materials to construct their nests.

There"s a Reason They Call Them "Crazy Ants" - The first time Mike the Hog-a-Nator noticed the ants, they were piled outside his cardiologist"s office. This was two summers ago, in Pearland, a suburb of Houston. There was a forbidding, fibrous heap of dead ants on either side of the building"s double doors, each a couple of feet long. And there were also legions of living ants shuffling over the dead ones – though Mike the Hog-a-Nator had to bend down to see these. Otherwise, so many individual ants were moving so chaotically, and so fast, that the entire reddish-brown tangle at his feet looked as if it were shimmering. Mike the Hog-a-Nator remembers thinking: What the world? Then he went inside for his weekly appointment.


They Came From Within: B-Movie Title Design of the 1940s & 1950s – Art of the Title: SHOCKING! THRILLING! TOTALLY NUDE! The Golden Age of the American B-Movie Title Sequence B films are the wild west of the American movie landscape. While mainstream and even independent films are often beholden to censors, critics, and the public, the B industry blazes its own trail, as far to the left of its siblings as possible without losing direct sight.

Bill Murray here: OK, I'll TALK! I'll TALK! : IAmA: The rumor is that you went up to someone that was eating french fries, and took a french fry and ate it and said: "No one will believe you." Did this really happen, or is it an urban legend? BillMurray: Well I have no idea what you're talking about.

The Wolf of Wall Street VFX Highlights on Vimeo: A look at some of the more challenging shots we put together from Martin Scorsese's new film The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Matthew McConaughey.


 Vimeo Direktstrummer

BULLETPROOF THOUGHTS #1. Joe Strummer on Vimeo: An ongoing series of philosophical pills for the suffering souls of the hypermodern era.

▶ 「Junk Head 1」 FULL English - YouTube: In the distant future, humanity is hurtling down a path of ruin. Global environmental destructon caused by chemical contamination, radioactive fallout, and UV rays coming through the patchy ozone layer has lead to deterioration of the human genome. In an attempt at escape, humans expanded their sphere of daily existence underground, but they were decimated by an ancient virus that had been sealed there.

Twelve Planets on Vimeo

DENHAM PSYCHO - explicit remake - YouTube


THE GAP by Ira Glass on Vimeo

Unimagined Friends on Vimeo

Royal AfE - Sprengung Uni Turm Frankfurt on Vimeo

Power and Money

▶ VICE Meets Glenn Greenwald: Snowden's Journalist of Choice - YouTube: We traveled to Rio de Janeiro to meet the man who broke the biggest news story of 2013.

Death by data: how Kafka"s The Trial prefigured the nightmare of the modern surveillance state: We live in a world of covert court decisions and secret bureaucratic procedures and where privacy is being abolished – all familiar from Kafka"s best-known novel, The Trial.


Is There New Proof You Will Read This Article? - Forbes: A professor and a communications staffer at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway, ran a study comparing declarative headlines on Twitter and on a Norwegian shopping site that"s similar to eBay. They found that question headlines gained an average of 150% more clicks. When question headlines included self-referencing words like "you," they pulled in an average of 175% more clicks than declarative headlines.

You're not going to read this | The Verge: Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat, which measures real-time traffic for sites like Upworthy, dropped a bomb: "We've found effectively no correlation between social shares and people actually reading," he wrote.


Podcasts: Roboter, Cyborgs und Drohnen

Darknet - Schmuddeleck oder letzter Freiraum des Internets? (MP3): Die Internetseite Silk Road vertreibt Cannabis, Kokain und Amphetamine. Die Webseite ist Teil des sogenannten Darknets, also eines weitläufigen Bereichs des Internets, das nicht jedem unbedarften Nutzer zugänglich ist. Denn viele Darknet-Seiten sind nur für eingeladene Mitglieder oder über eine spezielle Technik erreichbar: TOR.

Waking the Dead? Selbstermächtigung in Zeiten von Big Data und digitaler Kontrolle - 09.02.2014 (MP3): Big Brother is watching you: Die digitale Privatsphäre ist tot, so viel ist seit Edward Snowden klar. Die große Frage ist nun: Können wir das Internet reparieren? Welche technischen und politischen Maßnahmen sind dazu nötig? George Orwells 1984? Ein Witz! Die Stasi? Analoge Freaks! Im Vergleich zu den Praktiken der NSA verblassen alle historischen und futuristischen überwachungsszenarios, die wir bisher kannten. Mit jedem neuen Detail, das Edward Snowden an ausgesuchte Zeitungen streut, wird die Totalität der Maßnahmen deutlicher, wird klarer, an welcher Zeitenwende wir stehen. Noch komplexer wird unser digitales Dilemma durch Big Data, der Erfassung und Kommerzialisierung unserer persönlichen Daten, die wir tagtäglich im Internet hinterlassen. Die digitale Privatsphäre scheint tot. Der Zündfunk Generator fragt Netzaktivisten, Hacker und Philosophen nach dem Stand der Bytes. Das Internet ist tot – es lebe das Internet.

Phantastika | SciFi aus dem Ostblock


Nightmares On Wax download-able Boiler Room Mix by Nightmares on Wax on SoundCloud - Hear the world"s sounds:
1- Where you belong - The Groovers
2- Be,I do(The Plantyherbs rmx) Nightmares on wax
3- Straight up - Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee
4- LFT (Leighton Hema edit2)- Quadron
5- Nautilus(Galore version)
6- It's My House [12" Remix]- Diana Ross
7- Warm Wind Brewing- YSE SAINT LAUR'ANT
8- Now is the time- Nightmares on wax
9- Slip & Do It (V Feels So Good edit)- Wetty Bright
10- Just Havin' Fun (Hober Mallow Edit)- Ray Parker Jr.
11- Last Home ( Dj Nature Remix )- Typesun
12- Chromeo x Joe Bataan x Boz Scaggs - Hot Mess (Lowdown Party Mix)- Amerigo Gazaway
13- If (Kaytranada Remix Extended Version)- Janet Jackson
14- Mofongo Boogaloo Descarga- Funk Ferret
15- Berimbau- Dario & Dersu
16- Mao Negra (raw cut)- Alma Negra
17- Tapestry- Nightmares on wax
18- Wordy- Titeknots

Beach Love Pt-1 @ Mamitas Playa Del Carmen Mexico 31:12:13 by Nightmares on Wax on SoundCloud - Hear the world"s sounds

▶ The Death Set - Lite The Fuse in The Death Set "King Babies" EP (OUT JANUARY 21!)

▶ Solid Steel Radio Show 17/1/2014 Kid Koala - Live in Victoria on Three Rental Turntables

"TV-CBGB," the 1981 punk rock public-access "sitcom": The episode is an odd glimpse of a CBGB identity that never took shape, as a cable access mainstay; maybe someday it would have migrated to MTV and become a national TV icon. It never happened, but the sturdy format of bands just playing good rock and roll always works.

I For One Welcome Our New Robot Vocal Cords: Radical Computer Music: How might electronic music sound in a post human future? Robert Barry enlists the help of Holly Herndon, James Bridle and Conrad Shawcross to explore radical new directions in computer music, from live programming and Algorave to the digital overloads of Black Midi…