Mouse On Mars – Cream Theme

 Vimeo Direktmouse

Epilepsie-auslösendes Musikvideo von Zeitguised zu Mouse on Mars' Cream Theme, hinter dem noch ein bisschen mehr steckt, als schniekes Rumgeflacker:

Movements from ravers of an original 90's doncaster rave were synthesized to animate a transformable virtual partygoer. The video is not only showing the raver's movements but also his inner transformations while listening to a piece of music. The musical analysis displays morphogenetic transformations, emotional and hormonal eruptions and metrics of sensory instability that occur while listening to intense dance music.

The video is making use of complementary colour layering and geometric patterns that can cause optical illusions thus creating a feeling of ecstatic confusion and euphoria. "Cream Theme" has been identified by epilepsy action to potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.