Clickbait fixing Browser-Plugin

Endlich: Ein Browser-Plugin gegen Clickbait-Headlines.

Downworthy replaces hyperbolic headlines from bombastic viral websites with a slightly more realistic version. For example:

- "Literally" becomes "Figuratively"
- "Will Blow Your Mind" becomes "Might Perhaps Mildly Entertain You For a Moment"
- "One Weird Trick" becomes "One Piece of Completely Anecdotal Horseshit"
- "Go Viral" becomes "Be Overused So Much That You'll Silently Pray for the Sweet Release of Death to Make it Stop"
- "Can't Even Handle" becomes "Can Totally Handle Without Any Significant Issue"
- "Incredible" becomes "Painfully Ordinary"
- "You Won't Believe" becomes "In All Likelihood, You'll Believe" ... and so on.

Downworthy – A browser plugin to turn hyperbolic viral headlines into what they really mean (Danke Ed Paris!)