Retro Arcade-Mod made from Wood

Großartiger selbstgebauter PC von Love Hulten (unbedingt auch die anderen Arbeiten ansehen) aus Walnussholz mit zwei Bootdiscs, eine für normalen Betrieb unter Windows, die andere ein Interface für einen Emulator mit über 12000 Games. Plus integriertem Projektor und Schnickschnack. Nice! Specs via Boing Boing:

- A 22" transparent LCD. When in sleep mode, this backlit screen displays the heart of the machine, a top-notch water cooled PC. Attached behind it, a homemade motor driven blind/shade with limit switches. This is for the occasions when the user's in need of minimal distraction elements."

- A built-in 500 ANSI LED projector, for the more cinematic gaming occasions.

- Two wireless joypads, hidden and integrated like chest drawers in the main construction. These have detachable crafted joystick shafts and can be charged through USB on the back.

- A wooden bluetooth keyboard/retro mouse setup combined with a storage unit containing important accessories. When not in use, these rests hidden on top of the main chassis.

- A dual boot system using two separate 256GB SSD disks and a physical SATA-switch. Boot1, a self booting modified frontend interface, browsing a library of over 12000 classic game titles. All controlled by the joypads. Boot2: A windows based setup for the daily PC use and a platform for newer, more demanding games.

- A water cooled up-to-date computer setup, Specs: CPU: Intel i5 3570k RAM: Corsair Dominators 2x4GB SSD: 2x Corsair 256gb disks GPU: ZOTAC GTX670 AMP! 2GB