Drone-monitored Exams (UPDATE: Fake.)

 Youtube Direktdrone, via Reddit

Hardcore-Education in Belgien: An der Thomas More Schule in Brüssel testen sie mit einem Quadcopter überwachte Examen.

Thomas More school, located about 30km north of Brussels, posted a video on YouTube showing the aerial drone soaring above students while they take a test. The tiny DJI Phantom aircraft, armed with a GoPro video camera, is controlled by one invigilator while another watches a monitor for potential cheats.

[update] Aus den Comments auf Youtube: „The whole idea of this movie was a funny experiment of some lecturers in our bachelor program Communication Management & Journalism. There's no way we will use this drone for surveillance for real, it was just A HOAX with - obviously - more impact than we could ever imagine.“ (Danke Daniel!)

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