Inside a Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Techporn von The Atlantics In Focus mit Bildern aus der National Ignition Facility, wo sie an nuklearer Fusions-Energie arbeiten. Das Teil war übrigens auch das Filmset für den Warp-Core der Enterprise und die Bilder erinnern sehr an die Pics aus dem japanischen Neutrino Detektor, die ihr sicher schonmal gesehen habt.

At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a federally funded research and development center about 50 miles east of San Francisco, scientists at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) are trying to achieve self-sustaining nuclear fusion -- in other words, to create a miniature star on Earth. The core of the NIF is a house-sized spherical chamber aiming 192 massive lasers at a tiny target.

One recent laser experiment focused nearly 2 megajoules (the energy consumed by 20,000 100-watt light bulbs in one second) of light energy onto a millimeter-sized sphere of deuterium and tritium in a 16-nanosecond pulse. The resulting energetic output, while far short of being a self-sustaining reaction, set a record for energy return, and has scientists hopeful as they fine-tune the targeting, material, and performance of the instruments. The facility itself bristles with machinery and instruments, impressing the producers of the movie Star Trek: Into Darkness, who used it as a film set for the warp core of the starship Enterprise.

The National Ignition Facility