NSA hunted Osama Bin Laden-Avatars in World of Warcraft

Vor einem Monat kam raus, dass die NSA in World of Warcraft und Second Life unterwegs war und jetzt wissen wir auch, wieso: Die haben dort nach „Jihadists“ gesucht, die in Osama Bin Laden-Avataren frischen Terroristennachwuchs anheuern und „preach and issue new fatwas for hundreds of years to come“. Oh, the humanity.

“Imagine that jihadist supporters create a detailed avatar of Usama bin Ladin and use his many voice recordings to animate the avatar for up-close virtual reality experiences that could be used to preach, convert, recruit, and propagate dogma to the media,” the study states, using the spelling “Usama” widely used within the intelligence community. […]

“The Bin Ladin avatar could preach and issue new fatwas for hundreds of years to come, as the fidelity of his likeness would be entirely believable and animated in new ways to keep him current and fresh,” the study added.

U.S. Intel: Osama Bin Laden Avatar Could Recruit Terrorists Online for Centuries

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