The Simpsons on Filesharing: Steal This Episode

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Falls jemand die gestrige Simpsons-Folge nicht gesehen hat: Darin bringt Bart Homer bei, wie man Filme runterlädt und die Folge ist vollgepackt mit Anspielung auf Filesharing-History und Schnickschnack. Definitiv sehenswert und ihr wisst ja, wo man sie bekommt. Teaser-Clip gibt's oben und hier und da, Torrentfreak hat ein Review mit einigen Details, die mir entgangen sind – am interessantesten vielleicht dieses hier: „The release of the episode follows a Fox lawsuit and a $10.5m judgment against a Canadian who ran a Simpsons download portal“.

Although most will probably miss it, the next scene almost certainly referenced another important event in file-sharing history. Homer presented a downloaded copy of Cosmic Wars VII, a movie which was clearly meant to be Star Wars. He noted that the copy he was about to show was a leaked version “direct from the computer of an angry editor at a special effects house.”

This inclusion is very interesting. Back in 2005, file-sharing site EliteTorrents was subjected to a massive FBI raid after it offered for download an unfinished ‘workprint’ version of Star Wars Episode III which had obviously originated from an industry pre-production source. While several staff members at Elite were all jailed, no one was ever prosecuted for the actual leak, something which remains highly suspicious to this day.

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