NES-Emulator in a Voxel-Engine

 Youtube Direktvoxel, via Prosthetic Knowledge

Da hat jemand eine Voxel-Engine (Voxel: Volume Element, 3D-Pixel, siehe Minecraft) für den NES-Emulator FCEUX. Das Teil ist noch nicht fertig und läuft bislang nur unter Linux, aber das sieht jetzt schon großartig aus und ich will unbedingt jetzt sofort R-Type in 3D-Pixeln spielen.

I've added a voxel engine to the source code for the NES emulator FCEUX, allowing players to play their favorite classic NES games in 3-D! It doesn't work well for every game, but for the right games, it looks great.

Please note that any stuttering in the video is a result of the video capturing software, and not the emulator itself. The more action that took place on the screen, the harder it was for the software to capture it. With a good graphics card, you should have no problem getting 60 FPS with this effect turned on.