UKs Clown Epidemic spreads

27.12.2013 Misc #Clowns #Crime

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Die Evil Clowns tauchten zuerst in Northampton auf und verbreiteten sich von dort nach Norfolk, jetzt breiten sich die Clowns über Yorkshire aus:

The problem has now spread to Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, which to date have "recorded 29 and 28 clown-related incidents respectively." Sussex has reported three, including a speeding ticket given to a "motorcyclist in full clown costume." […]

Crazy Bananas was […] upset:

"Before this happened I would pop into the petrol station in costume on my way to a job but now I can't do that," she said. "Even my own children who grew up around clowns have been scared by this. It's more than just a job, it's something we love, but people's reaction to us has changed—I was getting messages on Facebook asking if I was responsible for scaring people. This is my business and I don't like frightening people."

UK's concerned clowns call for end to copycat crime wave (via Lowering the Bar, Bild via Shutterstock)