3D-Printed Brain-Computer-Interfaces

Die russische Tech-Website Look At Me hat eine Übersicht über aktuelle Brain-Computer-Interfaces gepostet. Die Blogger dort haben die Dinger dann aufgesetzt, sich 3D-gescannt und die Modelle dann auf 'nem 3D-Drucker ausgegeben. Toll!

Emotiv EPOC as shown on our senior feature designer Denis Sharypin
EPOC understands not only head movements and mimics, but thoughts too. You can send emoticons with your own actual smile or sync your Photoshop shortcuts and hot keys to work with BCI on.

Interaxon Muse as shown on our deputy editor Rita Popova
Muse founders gathered $6 million through Indiegogo last year. This BCI controls brain reactions, gathering the information about your mood, concentration level and memory state and sending it to iOS or Android app to analyse.

NeuroSky MindWave as shown on our editor Artyom Loochkow
This simple BCI understands three reactions — blinking, meditating and focus. All the apps in Neurosky app store (games and meditating journal among them) are based on these parametres.

IntendiX Painting as shown on our illustrator Andrew Smirny
This BCI was already done as early as 2009, but is not on sale as there still is a room for improvement. Three products under the name IntendiX are created for three different tasks — painting, writing and gaming.

Emotiv Insight as shown on our editor Daria Abramova
The latest and promising product made by Emotiv gathered $1.5 million on Kickstarter. This BCI understands this emotions, controls the brain concentration and stress level and provides a working connection with the computer. Shipping — February 2014.

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