Space Farts for hungry Astronauts

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Das schönste, was man aus einem Viral für eine Animationsbude mit 'nem schicken Monstermashup aus dem Hulk, dem Rancor und Predator lernen kann: Astronauten furzen in Space öfter, als auf der Erde und die NASA hat eingehend untersucht, welche Speisen zu weniger Gasbildung in den Raumfahrern führen, damit sich in den Space-Suits keine Gaswolken bilden.

A paper published in 1969 revealed that studies were conducted to measure the breath and flatulence output of astronauts while eating certain diets, like the one enjoyed on the Gemini missions. Apparently different foods produce different amounts of flammable gas, and a bland diet could be used to minimize flatulence. It’s not clear whether NASA or any other space agency has tailored its meal plan in response to these findings. (Fun fact: The Apollo astronauts avoided eating because they didn’t have real toilets.)

Now-retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield explained in a Reddit AMA that astronauts actually break wind more often in space than they do on Earth. Why? Well, weightlessness makes it impossible to burp, and all that gas has to go somewhere.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Fart