San Diegos Traffic sorted by Color

 Vimeo Direkttraffic

Schöner neuer Clip von dem Herrn mit dem genauso großartigen wie unmöglichen Namen Cy Kuckenbaker, Making Of in Kuckenbakers Blog gibt's hier, Creators Project hat ein Video-Portrait, Snip:

In this new video I took a four minute shot of state highway 163, which is San Diego’s first freeway then removed the time between cars passing and reorganized them according to color. I was curious to see what the city’s car color palette looked like when broken down. […]

There is a discrepancy between the time collapse and the source footage. For technical reasons some car shapes and movements were unworkable and those cars were dropped. I only counted this once but here’s the breakdown:

Lane 1 (far left): 111 cars passed 107 appear
Lane 2: 82 cars passed 71 appear
Lane 3: 143 cars passed 137 appear
Lane 4 (far right): 134 cars passed 127 appear
Overpass: 22 cars passed 22 cars appear
Total cars lost: 28

That means that the real traffic in that four minutes is actually about six percent heavier than the time collapse depicts.

San Diego Study #3: San Diego Traffic Time Collapsed and Reorganized by Car Color (via Waxy)

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