Conversations with George Carlin

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Grade auf meinen Kindle geladen, werde ich mir zwischen den Jahren durchlesen: Ein 90seitiges Interview mit George Carlin über alles. Gibt's leider nur als Kindle-eBook.

What if you could take the smartest, funniest, most interesting person you ever met, and ask them their thoughts on everything from the deeply personal to the most broadly philosophical topics, including love, sex, death, morality, religion, childhood, and so much more? Journalist Larry Getlen was fortunate enough to have this experience with one of the greatest and most influential comedians of all time, the late George Carlin.

In this extended interview, Getlen spoke to Carlin about all the subjects above and more, finding the veteran comic, who changed the way comedians approach the art of stand-up comedy several times over the course of his remarkable fifty-year career, to be even more intelligent and contemplative than one might expect. Carlin never shied away from difficult subjects, answering every question as if he had been mulling over the topic at hand for years before reaching his well-stated conclusion.

Conversations with Carlin highlights the comedian’s anti-authoritarian views - what he would refer to as his “outsidership” - on almost every page, and features his extensive thoughts on the topics most closely associated with him, comedy and words. But the book also presents sides of the man that his fans have rarely, if ever, seen before, as he discusses topics like the importance to him of romantic love - George was with the same woman for almost four decades, until her death in 1997 - and the conditions under which he would put his life on the line and go off to war.

Conversations with Carlin will be a revelation for longtime fans, providing one of the most in-depth looks yet at this brilliant comedy icon, while also serving as the perfect introduction for those just now discovering George Carlin and his vast influence on the comedy world.

Ein kleiner Auszug daraus über Sprache:

Larry Getlen: Why are you so fascinated with words?

George Carlin: Because they’re all we have. Nature gave us this magnificent brain, which is so different from any that came before it. And the only way the wonders of this brain are shared and developed is through language – the exchange of ideas and communications and feelings. Words are the conveyors of all that. They’re magic. They’re mysterious and wonderful and magic.

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