Neuro-Quantified Creative Process of a Writer

Superspannendes Experiment des holländischen Autors Arnon Grunberg, der während des Schreibens seines neuen Romans unter anderem seine Hirnaktivität aufzeichnen lässt. Wenn das Buch dann nächstes Jahr erscheint, sollen es 50 Leute lesen, die ebenfalls an einen Brainscanner angeschlossen werden. Die Ergebnisse werden dann verglichen und man verspricht sich Erkenntnisse über den kreativen Prozess selbst.

The cap, the novella and the technician were all part of Mr. Grunberg’s latest project, a literary stunt turned lab experiment that combines the rigor of academic neuroscience with the self-obsessive spirit of the “quantified self” movement, which has inspired people to track (and broadcast) the minutiae of their lives, down to the last step taken, penny spent and milligram of caffeine ingested.

Over the past two weeks, Mr. Grunberg has spent several hours a day writing his novella, while a battery of sensors and cameras tracked his brain waves, heart rate, galvanic skin response (an electrical measure of emotional arousal) and facial expressions. Next fall, when the book is published, some 50 ordinary people in the Netherlands will read it under similarly controlled circumstances, sensors and all.

Researchers will then crunch the data in the hope of finding patterns that may help illuminate links between the way art is created and enjoyed, and possibly the nature of creativity itself.

Wired: Putting a Writer and Readers to a Test – Arnon Grunberg Is Writing While Connected to Electrodes (via Adafruit)