Richard „Datamancer“ Nagy, R.I.P.

Richard Nagy aka Datamancer, der wahrscheinlich bekannteste Modder von Steampunk-Hardware, ist letzte Woche verstorben. Falls ihr Euch auch nur am Rande für Steampunk, Gentlemen mit Laser-Goggles und dampfbetriebene Jetpacks interessiert, dann habt Ihr seine Arbeiten gesehen, oben sein Clacker. Snip aus dem Nachruf seiner Freundin Evelyn Kriete auf der Steampunk-Seite auf Facebook:

Richard Nagy. You know his art. You know him as Datamancer. You know his work if you know Steampunk. He created some of the most iconic sculptures within this artist movement. He was one of the first to do so and one of the best. Richard spent thousands of hours creating some of the most amazing art you have ever been privileged to see. He was completely self taught and he made things out of a love of classic lines and movement. Thanks to the Internet, millions of people from around the world have enjoyed witnessing the wonder of his art. It was featured on TV shows such as Warehouse 13, in books and in numerous art shows across the country and around the world. He worked tirelessly pretty much unpaid to create his work and make it where you could own his talent and use it in your house. You know his work and have most likely been inspired by it at some point or seen others who where inspired by it.

Richard Nagy passed away last week. He was young. He was amazing. He was talented. He leaves behind a lot of family and friends who cared about him. He leaves behind millions of people who his art touched.

Ad Astra Richard Nagy aka Datamancer