Googles auto-generated Social-Media-Replies

Google hat sich autogenerierte Replies auf Social-Media-Einträge patentieren lassen, also sowas wie Amazons Produktvorschläge für soziale Interaktion online. Das ist nach auto-generiertem Journalismus natürlich der nächste konsequente Schritt und auto-generierte Literatur befindet sich ebenfalls schon lange im Experimentierstadium. Als nächstes halt zwischenmenschliche Kommunikation, Snip von der BBC: Google patents robot help for social media burnout.

"The popularity and use of social networks and other types of electronic communication has grown dramatically in recent years," wrote Google software engineer Ashish Bhatia in the patent. "It is often difficult for users to keep up with and reply to all the messages they are receiving."

In a bid to help people cope Mr Bhatia envisions a sophisticated system that collects information about all the different social networks someone has joined. This logs what they do and notes how they respond to the different types of messages, notifications, status changes, videos, images and links sent to them.

The system analyses these responses so it can eventually start making suggestions of its own that, ideally, should be indistinguishable from those of an actual person.

Nicholas Carr (via Netzpolitik) kommentiert die Meldung wie gewohnt pessimistisch, deshalb aber nicht unzutreffend:

The Google message-automation service promises to at last close the realtime loop: A computer running personalization algorithms will generate your personal messages. These computer-generated messages, once posted or otherwise transmitted, will be collected online by other computers and used to refine your personal profile. Your refined personal profile will then feed back into the personalization algorithms used to generate your messages, resulting in a closer fit between your computer-generated messages and your computer-generated persona. And around and around it goes until a perfect stasis between self and expression is achieved. The thing that you once called “you” will be entirely out of the loop at this point, of course, but that’s for the best. Face it: you were never really very good at any of this anyway.

Und in drei oder fünf Jahren sind wir alle nur noch personalisierte Bots. Mit anderen Worten: „Er ist ein User, eliminiere ihn einfach.“