1 Can of Soylent Green sold for 2000 Bucks, 1 Maltese Falcon for 4 Mio.

Der eigentliche Knaller dieser Auktion bei Bonhams war offensichtlicher der Original Malteser-Falke aus dem gleichnamigen Film mit Humphrey Bogart. Das Teil ist mit unglaublichen 4 Millionen Dollar unter den Hammer gekommen. Allein: Ich bin ein Film Noir-Banause und habe den Falken noch nie gesehen, weshalb mir die Wichtigkeit des Ereignisses jetzt nicht ganz ersichtlich ist. Aber! Sie haben dort eine Dose Soylent Green für 2000 Dollar verkauft und das kenne ich! Scrollt Euch mal durch den Katalog, sind ganz tolle Dinger dabei von Laurel und Hardys Hüten bis einem Taucherhelm aus 20000 Leagues under the Sea.

The stuff that dreams are made of, as Spade described the bird, was the star of the auction, but there were a number of other wonderful pieces. Leaf through the catalog to spot your favorite. I defy you not to swoon at the 1940 Buick Phaeton from Casablanca that was so prominently featured in the immortal final scenes of the movie. This is the vehicle in which Renault drives Rick, Ilsa and Victor to the airport. The “here’s looking at you” final dialogue between Rick and Ilsa takes place next to the car. It unexpectedly sold for $450,000, below the low estimate of $450,000.

On the less expensive end of things, I was charmed by a portrait of Harpo Marx as Gainsborough’s Blue Boy painted by John Decker in the 1930s. It sold for $9,500. Mary Pickford’s monogrammed Louis Vuiton trunk went for $2,600, a steal for vintage Vuiton with Mary Pickford’s initials emblazoned on the side while Mr. Vuiton’s were discretely relegated to the brass locks. It was a subtler time for high fashion.

It wasn’t just the older classics represented. Indy’s braided leather bullwhip from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was bought for $8,000. A can of new! delicious Soylent Green, ostensibly the “miracle food of high energy plankton gathered from the oceans of the world” but I get the feeling they might be leaving out a key ingredient, went for $1,800. It comes with a Soylent Green cracker which is actually a piece of painted balsa wood. Movie magic, y’all.

The Maltese Falcon sells for $4,085,000