Google Books wins Copyright-Trial with Fair Use

Google hat den seit acht Jahren geführten Rechtsstreit mit der Authors Guild gewonnen, die Richterin stimmte dem Fair-Use-Argument von Google zu. Good Times. Allerdings: Das macht es angesichts der Lobbymacht der Verlage hierzulande garantiert nicht einfacher für eine dringend nötige FairUse-Regelung in Deutschland.

“Google Books provides significant public benefits,” Chin wrote, describing it as “an essential research tool” and noting that the scanning service has expanded literary access for the blind and helped preserve the text of old books from physical decay. Chin also rejected the theory that Google was depriving authors of income, noting that the company does not sell the scans or make whole copies of books available. He concluded, instead, that Google Books served to help readers discover new books and amounted to “new income from authors.”

Google wins book-scanning case: judge finds “fair use,” cites many benefits